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Football Golf Rules

the Rules of Football Golf

General FootballGolf Rules

No football studs or boots are allowed, only Astroturf trainers, other trainers or shoes.

If playing in a larger group and you see a smaller group behind please let them play through.

The hole flags should not be removed from the holes at any time.

See below for the full List of Football Golf Rules

Parkland Hole 5 - FootballGolf Hole Sign
The aim of the game is to play 18 holes with the lowest possible amount of kicks of the ball.
Each tee sign will explain how the hole is to be played; if there are no instructions on the tee sign you can just kick your ball towards the hole.
Players must play from the artificial grass teeing area only.
If your ball lands on any other fairway or tee on the course then there is a one-kick/shot penalty. (If a ball lands on a walkway in between holes there is NO penalty).
If when teeing off the ball ends up rolling back behind the tee players may pick the ball up and re tee the ball for their next kick with no penalty shot.
The ball must be played when and where it stops – no kicking moving balls.
Playing in a group players kick their ball in turns – If another players ball is in the way when playing your kick/shot you can ask the other player to remove the ball and mark the place. The winner of the previous hole plays first on the next hole.
If a ball is hit by another ball, only the ball that was hit must be placed back in its original position.
Kicking the ball must be in one movement, no resting of foot on the ball before kicking.
While kicking the ball one foot must touch the ground, no jump or clamping of ball.
If a ball is kicked out of bounds then there is a one-kick/shot penalty.
Course obstacles cannot be moved.
The maximum score for each hole is 3 x par (e.g a Par 3 = 9) (Par 4 = 12) (par 5 = 15)

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